SnoHub launched in the Capital Region two weeks ago. So far, more than 200 people have registered for the app-based snow removal service.  

Rob Stark is one of eight contractors in the service area, a 60-mile radius of Albany. He’s 22 and works at a local auto dealership. Thursday afternoon, he plowed a driveway in Loudonville to earn some extra money.

SnoHub Founder and CEO James Albis says the startup’s success comes down to convenience.

“When someone characterizes us as the Uber of that or the Uber of snow removal, it is a function of convenience. If you make things convenient and easy for people, they’re going to use it,” said Albis, speaking from company headquarters in Danbury, Conn.

When using the app, enter your address, and then select the services you want. The price for work pops up on the screen for users to see before accepting a job. SnoHub takes a 30 percent cut. Payment is done through the app.

Plowing a driveway shorter than 100 feet with up to 10 inches of snow typically costs about $40. Additional services like salting and clearing walkways cost extra.

If a contractor doesn’t arrive within 2 hours of a request, users have the option to cancel. Contractors provide their own equipment and have to complete a background check. They don’t necessarily need a plow, either; jobs are open to people with snowblowers or just shovels. Before and after photos are sent to each client.

SnoHub went live last January. It’s available in other cities, including Rochester, Buffalo, New York City, Boston and Philadelphia. Albis hopes embracing the latest technology will help them become the preferred on-demand snow removal service.