When you drive by a car dealership, one of the first things to stick out is likely the amount of advertisements. Did you know a local company is behind many of the signs, posters and decals that decorate sales lots across the country? Jon Dougherty takes us there in this week's Capital Region Business Beat.

ALBANY, N.Y. -- For 10 years, Albany's OnSight Solutions has been a go-to source for car dealerships to get printed advertising tools.

"We create the merchandising for the dealership and are able to get it to the dealership in a timely basis so that they could merchandise their lot properly," said Tim Lindsay.

OnSight's products have been displayed in dealerships around the country and on almost every make and model vehicle there is.

For more than 10 years, OnSight Solutions had to adjust to ever-changing technology. Recently, it launched an app called LotMonkey to make it quicker and easier for dealerships to get the printed ads.

"This (LotMonkey) desktop app allows dealers to create all their own merchandising from inside their dealership, to their vehicles outside on the lot, and everything in between," Lindsay said.

LotMonkey allows dealers to completely customize graphics and display them about anywhere.

"They can do banners, they can do floor graphics, they can do stuff inside their showroom, they can do something on the showroom windows; Really just about anything you can think of can be done with the LotMonkey app," said Lindsay.

Lindsay said LotMonkey not only saves time and money, it helps sells cars.

"What we found is when we put proper visuals on the vehicle to help in the buying process, customers feel better about things and are more likely to buy a car," he added.

LotMonkey already has three locations along the East Coast which can print and deliver marketing materials in about a day.

OnSight Solutions, which has about 15 satellite offices in the U.S., has plans to spin off LotMonkey into its own company one day.

"We feel that we can spread this not only around the country but North America. Then, because this is an app, a software solution, there's no reason this can't spread everywhere around the world," he said.

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