It has been an Erie County Democrat leading the opposition against New York’s new law granting driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrant.

However, many consider County Clerk Mickey Kearns a Democrat in name only. He’s run several times with the endorsement of the local Republican Committee and has been basically excommunicated from his own organization.

Wednesday though, another Erie County Democrat, of whom no one will question ties to the party, also came out against the “Green Light” law. County Executive Mark Poloncarz released a press release questioning its constitutionality and stressing the “necessity of ensuring non-citizens are prevented from voting.”

“Ultimately I do not believe this law benefits the people of Erie County and I cannot support it,” he said.

To this point Poloncarz had not taken a hard stance on the issue, despite consistent calls from his Republican-endorsed county executive opponent Lynne Dixon to do so. He did however support Kearns request for aid from the County Attorney’s Office in filing a federal lawsuit this week.

Poloncarz clarified his opposition though, with another point he has consistently made over the past few weeks.

“However, in a civilized, democratic society we do not get to selectively pick the laws we want to enforce and ignore those we dislike,” he said. “As such, if a federal judge determines the bill to be constitutional, I expect all county officials and employees to respect the decision of the court.

Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo also said this week he has question about whether the new law will hold up in court, even though he signed it after the bill got a vote of confidence from the state Attorney General’s office. Poloncarz said some people are intentionally using the issue to divide the community.