BUFFALO, N.Y. — Bishop Richard Malone hosted a "Holy Hour of Prayer" for victims of clergy sex abuse Sunday.

During the hour Bishop Malone took the opportunity to apologize for his own missteps in handling two cases involving adult victims.

"I know that I failed in the way I responded to allegations during my time here,” said Malone.

Bishop Malone has been under constant scrutiny since releasing a list of 42 priests accused within the Diocese of Buffalo.

Robert Hoatson of Road to Recovery says that many more victims have come forward and that figure is inaccurate. Protestors who stood outside the service say it’s time for the Bishop to resign.

"What other CEO would have lasted had he/she botched the organizational structure of an organization the way Bishop Malone has?" said Hoatson.

Bishop Malone said he has no plans to resign.

“We've been asking Bishop Malone to be open, honest and we still are not getting that from him,” added Hoatson.

During Sunday’s service – Malone asked for prayers as he continues his leadership.

“But I am confident as a man of faith, that with God’s grace, my own humble and sincere efforts, and your willingness, not only to forgive me but to walk with me, and maybe you’ll find it in your heart to trust me, that we can bring forth a new day in this Dioceses of ours.”

The Bishop recently adopted a sex abuse task force to monitor how the diocese is handling such cases.

An office of professional responsibility was also added and will undertake any and all complaints of abuse.

Hoatson says the “church is not capable of policing itself” and should seek an independent agency to investigate abuse within the diocese.