BUFFALO, N.Y. -- With just one week to go before the election, many African Americans are expected to cast their vote for Democrat Hillary Clinton, but it is just not with the same level of enthusiasm as eight years ago.

"The obvious with President Obama, the first time it was making history, the second time it was protecting history, and now Secretary Clinton is someone that were familiar with but we don't have a lot of stuff to point to that would make us excited about her," said Pastor George Nicolas of Lincoln Memorial United Methodist Church.

Nicolas adds that unlike Obama, Clinton has not been able to inspire millennials.          

"He was really able to tap into younger people, millennials, they could relate to him, he was talking about issues that they could connect to," said Nicolas. "I really don't see the candidate now, Hillary Clinton, being able to make that connection as of yet."

Despite the frustration many African Americans may have with Clinton, Buffalo State Political Science Professor Anthony Neal and former Erie County Democratic Committee Chair and Election Commissioner Len Lenihan believe the numbers will show up for Clinton.

"Part of that Obama coalition is still intact, maybe not to the extent that it was when he was on the ballot in '08 and 2012," said Neal. "But I don't believe that the Obama coalition will dissipate with Clinton on the ballot this time."

Lenihan says Clinton has a huge base within the African American community and believes there will be a large voter turnout in her favor.

Even with Clinton's struggles, polls have shown throughout the campaign only 1 to 2% of African Americans plan to vote for Trump.