LeSean McCoy's reached the daunting number for running backs: 30 years old.

He's all ears to those who say his time to decline has come.

"It's always like a question. I feel like every year I get it lately, which I'm not used to," McCoy said. "So it's like something extra to drive me. So if it's chasing different things, yardage, wins, you name it. Whatever it is I always try and find something to get myself going."

Head coach Sean McDermott feels McCoy's more explosive this year than last, which hopefully will improve a number the doubters point to the most, Shady's career-low four yards a carry in 2017.

"I don't pay much attention to that because the players around me know, the defenses we play against they know – having 4.0 a carry is one thing but every week is like it’s no secret the defense knows the game plan what they got to do to stop me so it is what it is," McCoy said.

For all McCoy's accomplished in his 10-year NFL career, one thing that's been missing until now, as Shady was voted a Bills captain by his teammates. He says he's excited to wear a C on his jersey, but does understand the responsibility that comes with it.

"Being accountable, you know, being the person that I said I am, if I say that I’m a hard working guy who you know works hard and does whatever I have to do for my teammates man do that every day you know just don’t talk about it, be about it," he said.

"Just the way he then performs on the field with the effort," McDermott said. "You see him take hand-offs just like I do and he’s taking a hand-off which doesn’t appear to be different from a normal hand-off, but he’s taking it and going 20, 25 yards every time he gets the ball in his hands; that really speaks to his habits on the field, which I think is outstanding."

"I owe it to my teammates you know, who they voted for and they voted for me so it’s my duty to go out there every week and every day on the field, off the field doing everything the right way you know to the best of my abilities you know for my teammates," McCoy said.

As for McCoy's ongoing legal matter, he says he's just focused on football and the Ravens.