Two words best describe UB women's tennis: diversity and winning.

The nine members of the 17-3 MAC champion – back-to-back champs at that -- Bulls traveled roughly 25,000 miles from home to attend UB and while they speak many different languages, their love of tennis breaks all the barriers. They represent eight different countries.

"Tennis is definitely the common denominator here,” said senior Lolade Ogungbesan. “It doesn't matter where you are from it is somewhere we all have in common. It unites us."

"I mean tennis is the same everywhere,” added sophomore Emel Abibula. “It is just good that we start kind of learning about each other's cultures."

While the ladies are squarely focused on their upcoming NCAA tournament matchup, they do have big plans for each other in the future.

With teammates from India, Macedonia, Cyrpus, Spain, England, Puerto Rico, Romania and the US, there’s always someone to visit and somewhere to stay.

In the end, no matter the distances, no matter the differences, they all share the same goal: to beat Northwestern this Friday in round one of the NCAA tournament, the start of what they hope is another long journey.