New Jersey native and Syracuse University graduate Ted Goldberg has been with the  Spectrum News 1 team since 2014. As a natural-born storyteller, Ted loves finding a way to make non-sports fans interested in game highlights.

Throughout Ted’s career, he’s covered countless impactful stories. However, Ted’s most memorable was his coverage about Jonah Murphy, a high school tennis player who turned down several scholarship offers to stay close to home and help take care of his brother. Murphy’s brother was involved in a serious car accident a few years prior, causing brain damage and severe bodily harm. The devotion and love he showed to his brother on a daily basis is something that Ted will always keep with him.

A downtown Buffalo resident, Ted enjoys eating at Fat Bob’s Smokehouse and Gabriel’s Gate for some of the best wings in town. When he isn’t in the field, you can find Ted snowboarding, running, playing guitar, and reading. When it’s time for him to unwind, you can find Ted relaxing with Erica, his wife, and their two cats, Daisy and Milo.

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