BUFFALO, N.Y. — Buffalo's mayor and parking commissioner are the newest targets in a lawsuit regarding the Buffalo School Zone Safety Program cameras.

The suit claims the cameras are targeting people specifically in low-income, and predominantly minority, communities. Attorneys say the camera near Buffalo Promise Neighborhood Academy on Bailey Avenue is not in an authorized school zone.

The lawsuit also claims ticketing the owner of a vehicle caught speeding, even when that person is not the driver, is unconstitutional.

"Ultimately, this is a financial purpose, not a safety purpose. It doesn't have any safety purpose. It doesn't belong there. It's not a school. But we'll present those claims in the lawsuit like we already have," said Edward Yankelunas, an attorney with the HoganWillig Law Firm.

Spectrum News has reached out to Mayor Byron Brown's office for comment and is awaiting a response.

Attorneys at HoganWillig say if you have been ticketed for someone else driving your vehicle, you can still contact the law firm to join the class action suit.