Dissecting the crime scene was at the center of a Buffalo murder trial Wednesday in the state’s case against 26-year-old Kenyatta Austin of Niagara Falls.

Austin is charged with killing a woman and her grandson on Grape Street in 2018.

Wednesday’s proceeding included some of the most technical testimony to date and gave a clearer picture of what investigators found at the scene.

Prosecutors say Austin shot four people on Grape Street, killing 56-year-old Yvette Johnson and her 1-and-a-half-year-old grandson Kyrie back in July 2018.

Two members of the Buffalo Police Department Crime Scene Unit took the stand Wednesday, and walked the judge through a photographic tour of the crime scene as well as provided a lesson in ballistics.

Items collected at the scene include a handful of 9mm bullets, several cartridge cases, a lighter, a marijuana blunt, a lollipop stick, and a DVR from a home on early Peach Street.

On cross examination, one of the analysts did say that a 9mm bullet can be fired from either a handgun or a rifle.

One of those witnesses, a detective sergeant and crime scene unit supervisor, also recovered a loaded SKS rifle in the basement inside an empty television box, wrapped inside a black nylon bag and a bed sheet, with a bandana and string on it. He also mentioned the duffel bag could serve as a brass catcher which would prevent bullet casings from hitting the ground.

He then sent it to the Buffalo crime scene office and on to the lab.

The gun was also present in the courtroom.

He also recovered ammunition from Austin’s bedroom dresser drawer, as well as his checkbook and his mail in a suitcase with various addresses.

He said he also processed the white rental car with the holes and plastic over the driver’s side window to the Buffalo Police garage.

Court is not in session Friday so prosecutors will wrap up the week’s testimony Thursday.