A group of people in Niagara Falls are demanding that a nuclear waste dumping ground in Lewiston be cleaned up.

The Niagara Falls Storage Site used to be a dumping ground for uranium and other materials used in the Manhattan Project which produced the first atomic bomb.

During a cancer cluster meeting Sunday afternoon at the American Legion hall, people said the site caused the cancer that they and others they know were diagnosed with. Many say they're fighting for their lives and want the government to clean up the site immediately.

“It’s getting into our systems, there’s a lot of cancer, I’ve got over 400 people and families in that area right now that are suffering with some sort of cancer or they’ve passed away,” said Grace Austin, a Lewiston resident.

Earlier this year the Army Corps of Engineers revealed plans to clean up the site. Spectrum News reached out to them to find out whether they have started the cleanup, but we have not yet received a response.