Cheektowaga Police have made it clear that propaganda promoting racial division is not welcomed.

"We don't want this happening in our community," Chief David Zack said Monday.

Karl Hand of Lockport has been given a $350 summons for littering white nationalist pamphlets. 

Cheektowaga Police say they were notified about the leaflets being dropped off in neighborhoods along William Street as early as last Thursday.

"What we wanted to make sure of and took great care was to make sure that no single individual was targeted  so we actually had our officers out there and we canvassed a two three block and knocked on every door," said Chief Zack.

Police say they are familiar with Karl Hand of the Racial Nationalist Party of America. Following this incident police reported Hand to the FBI.

According to police, The Erie County district attorney ruled that no crime was committed by Hand, therefore he could not be given more than a summons.

“If somebody is putting out a coupon for free pizza it’s an annoyance, but we don’t normally follow something like that," added Chief Zack. “This is clearly something different and has the potential for far more."

A judge could order Hand to either pay the littering summons or complete 10 hours of community service.

A court date has yet to be set.