In response to New York’s new “Green Light Law,” Republican Congressman Chris Collins is proposing the “Red Light Act.”

The legislation would withhold federal highway funds from any state that grants driver’s licenses or identification cards to immigrants in the country illegally.

“Once again, Governor Cuomo has put his socialist agenda ahead of the safety of American citizens,” Collins said. “Governor Cuomo should be enforcing laws that protect Americans instead of supporting those who break our laws. Citizens should feel safe behind the wheel, but now in New York there will be a strong likelihood that illegals could be driving uninsured and unregistered vehicles wreaking havoc on our roads.”

The Green Light Law, which is facing a federal challenge in Erie County, where Collins lives, would go into effect in December. The congressman’s bill, if enacted, would begin withholding funds in Fiscal Year 2020 and every fiscal year moving forward.

“Cuomo has threatened the lives of New Yorkers who are legal U.S. citizens with this legislation,” Collins said. “If he wants to help illegal immigrants avoid the law while threatening highway safety, he can pay for it.”

There are currently 12 other states besides New York who allow otherwise undocumented immigrants to apply for licenses.

A spokesman for Gov. Cuomo released a statement Tuesday, saying:

"This is nothing more than political grandstanding from a Trump acolyte who’s been indicted on felony charges and knows this bill has no chance of passing in Congress."