Gov. Andrew Cuomo boarded a school bus in Long Island to get the wheels moving on his "Red Flag" bill which would allow school employees to petition a judge to restrict a student's access to guns if they believe he or she could be troubled.

Also known as the Extreme Risk Protection Order Bill, Cuomo said much like his signature SAFE Act gun control law, he's again trying to accomplish what he says the federal government simply cannot.

"If a parent or a teacher knows a child might act out, has access to guns, let them have the ability to go to a judge," said Cuomo, D-New York.

"If a person is sick, you know what you want to do? You want to get the person who is sick help. You don't want to leave them in a situation where they're in pain. If a person who is sick, you want to make sure they don't hurt themselves."

Cuomo does admit he is skeptical that Republicans in the state Senate will support it. However, another gun control bill meant to tighten restrictions on gun ownership for those convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence passed in the Senate in March.