BUFFALO, N.Y. -- Assemblywoman Angela Wozniak issued a one-minute video statement Thursday apologizing to her family and constituents for an inappropriate relationship with a staff member.

"As the Ethics Committee correctly pointed out, I showed very poor judgment having relationship with a staffer," Wozniak said, "and for that I would like to apologize."

An Assembly Ethics Committee on Wednesday released a report stating Wozniak did retaliate against her former Director of Legislation. According to the report, Wozniak engaged in a sexual relationship with the staffer in June 2015. Both sides claim to have broken it off later that month, but the committee alleged Wozniak made false statements about the staffers job performance following the break-up.

Wozniak says she is pleased and not surprised that she was cleared of charges for sexual harassment and causing a hostile work environment.

Her statement says the committee won't let her respond more specifically to some of the charges or address the situation publicly, but she intends to run in November to retain the seat she won in 2014.