We know Bills Mafia loves players with good personalities. Florida's Taven Bryan is definitely a character, and also versatile on the field, with the ability to shift along the D-line with good speed for a 6’4”, nearly 300-pounder.

"I feel with a three-technique you get a lot more one-on-ones then you would normally at any other position. So that's kind of helpful when you want to make a little more plays. Nose, you got to be a solid teammate, man. You got to hit that double-team every time and really kind of sucks, honestly, but hey, you got to do it man,” said Bryan.

Bryan's stats don't jump out, with just 62 tackles, 10-and-a-half for a loss, and five-and-a-half sacks in 30 games with the Gators. Some feel he's still developing the instincts of the position and may need some time at the NFL level to blossom, with the Bills maybe having that luxury with Kyle Williams back next season.

"I feel I'm a very aggressive D-lineman. I get off on the ball a lot. Really try and get my hands on some people. I think that’s both a benefit for me and a downfall. When I know I'm not supposed to be extending as much, sometimes I still do it. I get my hip picked a couple times. I'd like to be able to moderate my aggressiveness a little more," said Bryan.

Bryan's upside in this good defensive tackle class has him looking like a low-first to second round selection.

Friday we move back a little on defense and profile Alabama linebacker Rashaan Evans.