This time of year we're always looking for who to compare these draft prospects to. Georgia's Sony Michel's heard reigning NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year Alvin Kamara, but he says he looks up to none other than Bills back LeSean McCoy.

It’s because of Shady's ability to make guys miss in the open field, but Michel is not afraid to show flashes of thunder to his more touted lightning.

"It's just the will to want to. Who wants it more. It's the type of game we play in. You're going to have a lot of one-on-one matchups and sometimes you just have to show you want it more than the opponent,” said Michel.

Michel ran a 4.54 40 at the Combine. He ran for over 3,600 yards and 33 touchdowns at Georgia, with 16 of those trips to the endzone coming last year. He catches the ball well out of the backfield as well, with the all-around game something he feels will lead to a smoother transition at the next level.

"I think we run similar plays, it's just different terminology. Same concepts. We just kind of keep it basic and the same way with the NFL. They have similar traits of college have, but it gets a little bit more difficult. You're playing against different personnel. You're playing against the best of the best, so it gets different on that level,” said Michel.

Michel falls in that bucket of backs that likely will go in the second round.

Wednesday we stay on offense and profile maybe the best at a big position of need for the Bills: Alabama wide receiver Calvin Ridley.