BUFFALO, N.Y. — Buffalo is home to a summer camp option that is a hidden gem for adventure loving teens.

“I had a blast and it was sort of life changing,” said Katie Hennessey, who started as a youth in the Teen Treks organization and is now a full-time leader. “I had never experienced a form of travel like this.”

The camp brings together teens and young adults to travel the U.S., Canada, and Europe on bikes. All the while -- no cell phones.

“These kids are learning how to set up camp for themselves and for others," Hennessey said. "They’re learning how to shop for groceries on a budget for a big group. They’re learning how to cook for that group.”

They travel in groups of around 10 with two adult leaders along mapped out, bike-friendly routes. Hennessey said it gives teens skills they will use for life.

“We get a lot of kids who come back from these trips and we hear from their parents that all of a sudden they’re more helpful around the house. They had a newfound sense of confidence that carried them into school,” she said.

For more information head to teentreks.com.