​GETZVILLE, N.Y. — ​A pro-abortion rights group appears to be claiming responsibility for the arson that took place at CompassCare in Getzville.

In a recent blog post, the group Jane’s Revenge, showed a picture from the fire on June 7. Graffiti can be seen sprayed on the side of the building that reads ‘Jane Was Here.’ That group was said to be connected to a similar case of arson in Madison, Wisconsin in May. 

The blog post specifically cites Buffalo in a list of cities where the group says it’s been active.

CompassCare's president says graffiti was left on the building saying "Jane Was Here," which he says refer to the pro-abortion right group Jane’s Revenge.

"Jane’s Revenge is this group that’s attempting to strike fear into pro-life service organizations to keep from them providing care," CompassCare CEO Jim Harden said.

CompassCare is an anti-abortion resource center in Eggert Road.

Management there says the fire caused extensive damage.

Amherst Police has not confirmed Jane's Revenge was involved.

Spectrum News 1 has reached out to police for comment on the blog post.