Anna Hosier of Lakewood enjoys reading her bible. With her siblings gone and her children grown, the 84-year-old recalls fonder memories of holiday's past.

"I keep my faith in God, that's the key. When my kids were little, I loved Christmas, because they were little. Things weren't as expensive either," Hosier said.

She also decided not to put up her little Christmas tree this year that would normally sit on her console.

"I think it's a lot because I'm older and I'm more laid back I guess,” Hosier said. “Since I've got old I'm kind of a stick in the mud. I stay home alot. Well, it's because of this virus and stuff."

To make the holidays a little brighter for those like Anna, leaders and volunteers at Hurlbut Memorial Community United Methodist Church in Chautauqua recently filled food bags.

Monetary donations from the community were used to purchase bread, canned goods, cookies and other items for a traditional Christmas dinner.

"We just feel like we're just doing a small part to help the people in our county who may need a little bit of extra help," Debbie Caruso, Hurlbut Memorial Community United Methodist Church Ministries coordinator said.

Leaders and volunteers at First Baptist Church in Mayville also doing their part, filling gift bags, with community donations that include books, socks, blankets, household products and personal care items.

"Helps them to realize they're not alone. That people are still thinking of them and caring for them. For us as a Church, this is just a great ministry for us to show people in Chautauqua County the love of Christ," Kelly Prewitt, Santa for Seniors project coordinator, said.

Several volunteer elves like Mark Perry, then pick up the bags and load them in their four-wheeled sleigh outside First Baptist for delivery.

All part of Chautauqua County's Office for the Aging's Santa For Seniors program.

"Just the pure joy we see when we go into the recipients homes, it's just so worth it. And anytime you can give back, especially this time of year, is very rewarding," Perry said.

Mark and helper Doug made a stop at Anna's house to deliver her presents.

"I think it's very nice of them to do this for me. And it made my day. I am very grateful, I appreciate it too," Hosier said.

In all, more than 150 senior citizens across Chautauqua County were served as part of the Santa for Seniors program, thanks to the generosity of the community and the volunteers.