OHIO — A labor shortage continues in Ohio, including in health care systems.

Although there's a lack of nurses and doctors, there's also a slew of other positions that are going unfilled in hospital systems, including at ProMedica, a northwest Ohio-based health care organization.

Nicole Langenderfer, associate vice president of talent acquisition at ProMedica, said the greatest need is nurse practitioners, LPN's and nursing assistants. 

"Ever since COVID over the last year and half to two years, we really are seeing a change in the labor market as well as candidate behavior. So when we look at the different motivators for people, some are not currently in the market. They are choosing to stay home. They are looking at different opportunities within various industries," Langenderfer said. 

The health care organization is offering programs, including an RN residency program for recent graduates, as well as scholarships and tuition assistance. 

To learn more about ProMedica's opportunities, watch the full interview above.