Before the pandemic, if you wanted a fancy cocktail you have to hit the bars. But when the pandemic began, we couldn’t do that.

Then along came to-go alcohol. That was a huge success.

Now, with the end of COVID restrictions on the horizon, many bars and customers want booze to-go to become permanent. The Amherst Chamber of Commerce is pushing for just that. Specifically, officials want changes to be made to the State Liquor Authority Law.

The Amherst Chamber of Commerce president says restaurants paid a steep price during the shutdown and this change will continue to help them grow their bottom line.

This is something Ellie Grenauer, co-owner of Glen Park Tavern and a Board Director of the State Restaurant Association, applauds. She says while it's not a huge revenue booster, every little bit helps.

"I think going forward, alcohol to go will help us to just boost our sales just a little bit, and help us get through a lot of the loss over the past year for many restaurants. We were not able to do those events which we all participate in. And that was a major stream of revenue. So this will help make up a little bit for some of that lost revenue," Grenauer said.

Grenauer says her restaurant is also feeling the effects of the staffing shortage.

They've had to change their hours to accommodate low staffing levels, so having more alcohol sales could help bring in more money.