BUFFALO, N.Y. — ​Buffalo community activist Cariol Horne is now sharing her story with the rest of the country.

Horne was a guest on CNN Wednesday night discussing the lengthy legal effort against the city to restore her pension and back pay.

Horne was fired from the Buffalo Police Department in 2008 after trying to stop another officer from choking a person who was in handcuffs.

She says that despite her reporting the incident, the other officer was promoted, and went on to have more violent incidents throughout his career.

That officer ended up serving jail time for one of those incidents, but was still able to keep his pension.

Horne said she used that fact to fuel her desire to bring change and accountability to the department. She also helped develop "Cariol’s Law," which requires police officers to intervene if they see violent behavior by fellow officers.

"'Cariol’s Law' - that needs to be nationwide, basically punish an officer if they don’t intervene. If I was in a stolen car, they’re gonna lock all of us up. The incident with George Floyd, they all should have been charged with murder because everyone was there nobody stopped it," she said.

Cariol’s Law was passed last year in the city of Buffalo.

As Horne works to push the law to the federal level, she’s also working to add a national registry to keep track of officers with histories of abuse and violent incidents.