NIAGARA, N.Y. — ​The town of Niagara is returning to square one for a proposed controversial asphalt plant.

The town board voted to rescind approvals for the planned facility on Whitmer Road.

This comes after AL Asphalt initially received the OK from the town board last July. Since that time, 1,300 people have signed a petition against the move. Board members add that Niagara Falls, Lewiston and Niagara University officials have all come out in opposition of the plan.

"The people in the community who would be most impacted deserve protection from airborne toxins and the long-term adverse health effects attached. The scope of the possible disaster on the horizon goes past the destruction of the surrounding ecosystem, though some would argue that as reason enough to halt the project," said Ellen Wydysh from Niagara University.

This marks the second time AL Asphalt’s plant was rejected after plans to build in the town of Hamburg initially stalled two years ago. Board members say AL Asphalt can go through the approval process again if it still wants to purchase the property.