It’s Extreme Makeover: Classroom Edition. This is Buffalo startup Ink Labs’ interactive panel system, just one piece of technology that’s part of a $25,000 giveaway.

It’s through the WNY Extreme Classroom Technology Makeover Contest.

All classrooms and districts across the eight counties of Western New York are eligible.

The grand prize will be awarded on National Teachers Day on May 4. There will also be runner-up prizes.

"Budgets took a hit, and schools right now don't know the funding they will have. It has cost so much money to open up a school today. So if there is a classroom teacher, who says if I had an interactive panel I would love to do this, or I really want to be able to engage my students better at home, but I don't have the funds to do it, well, we can do that," Bill Naab, chief innovation officer for Ink Labs, said.  

A 1-3 minute video on how technology can be used to enhance student learning and why they deserve this prize is required. The due date for that is April 16.

From there, 10 teachers will be chosen and voting for the public will get underway.

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