PEMBROKE, N.Y. — Spectrum News is learning more about the final moments before Steve Barnes' plane crashed in Pembroke on October 2.

The NTSB released its preliminary report Thursday into the crash that killed Barnes and his niece Elizabeth Barnes.

The report says the flight from Buffalo Niagara International Airport to Manchester Airport in New Hampshire was uneventful. Everything reportedly appeared to be fine on the return route, until about 1 mile outside the Buffalo Airport. At that time, air traffic control told Barnes to descend to 8,000 feet and expect the ILS runway 23 approach.

The controller then asked Steve Barnes, who was piloting the plane, if everything was okay, and the response was "yes sir, everything is fine."

But within the last three minutes of the flight, there was no further communication between Barnes and traffic control.

The plane accelerated nearly 100 knots and descended at a rate of 13,800 feet per minute.

Several witnesses reported the engine sounded very loud before the crash.

The NTSB is investigating the wreckage and its full report is expected within 12-24 months.