BUFFALO, N.Y. — Development leaders are gauging input from the community on how best to redevelop the Broadway Market.

What You Need To Know

  • Development leaders are hearing from the community about the future of the Broadway Market
  • More than 1,000 people were surveyed
  • Recommendations on revitalizing the market will be issued in January

"People in this community really care about the market and want to see it succeed," said Christopher Dunne of Highland Planning.

Developers are hearing from the community about the future revitalization of the Broadway Market. On Wednesday, CJS Architects, Highland Planning, Public Market Development, and Developments by JEM held a virtual public meeting to discuss input from Western New Yorkers on the redevelopment of the Buffalo landmark.

Dunne said, "They also want to improve the look and the feel of the market so they want an airier market, they want a lighter market. They want a market that has more of a connection with the outside and with the neighborhood."

More than 1,000 people were surveyed about the future of the market and what they'd like to see.

"They want the interior of the market just to be an appealing atmosphere where they don't just want to get their groceries and get out but they want to stay there and socialize and maybe enjoy it as a third space," Dunne said. 

Other recommendations included having access to fresh foods and food from other countries, better ventilation, and having a more enticing aroma when you walk inside.

Development leaders mentioned looking at other markets, like the Findlay Market in Cincinnati, for guidance.

"So many cities like Cincinnati and if I can say so, like Buffalo don't have a lot of places that really serve as a common ground that brings different cultures together, and that's really the success of the Findlay Market. It really has been the spark plug for revitalizing the Over the Rhine neighborhood that surrounds it," said Aaron Zaretsky of Public Market Development.

The organizations that led Wednesday's meeting will issue a final report of recommendations for the Broadway Market's revitalization in January 2021. But officials say it could take several years for plans to be approved, raise funds, start construction, recruit merchants, and have a grand opening.