BUFFALO, N.Y. – Now that kids are back to school, it's all about getting into the routine of the new school year and making it all work.

The American Psychological Association conducted a study in the spring, finding 71 percent of parents said helping kids with their online learning is a big stress. 

As many kids head back to school this fall remotely, it will still be tough.

One local woman is trying to help.

Rosanna Berardi founded the blog called High Wire Woman, aimed at empowering moms and women.

Berardi has been a lawyer for 23 years and she is a mother herself to a high schooler.

She knows how stressful this pandemic has been on families. Through her blog she offers videos, posts, coaching, and more on how to navigate school for kids, keeping on top of work and how to manage the stress of it all.

She encourages moms to take 20 minutes to themselves every day and she believes in the power of making a list.

"Whether your 20 minute treat is watching a show on Netflix or maybe half a show or taking a walk or sitting in silence,” she said. “It's really important. And if you write things down, I love to write them down and check them off. There is power in that. You have so much more of an opportunity to complete them than what is running in your head."

You can check out her site here and also download the list she specifically designed for families to break down their day.