Buffalo, we have two months to get ready for America's Greatest Chicken Wing Party. On this National Chicken Wing Day, the Buffalo Wing King himself, Drew Cerza, has some words of advice on how to be prepared.

What You Need To Know

  • July 29 marks National Chicken Wing Day 

  • It marks the pre-season for October's America's Greatest Chicken Wing Party 

  • The nationwide event will help 50 food banks across the nation 

"Most people in Buffalo are already in pretty good chicken wing shape," Cerza said.

The National Buffalo Wing Festival usually takes place at Sahlen Field over Labor Day weekend. COVID-19 took a big bite out of the event, so now get your tummies ready for October.

"Since everyone comes from across the county, including restaurants, why not take Buffalo outside," Cerza said.

By taking Buffalo outside, Cerza means nationwide.

"We are going to have people have chicken wing parties," he explained. "Of course the size will be based on what the COVID-19 regulations are in their market."

So, how to train? Cerza says it does not need to be as intense as the training he did with Spectrum News anchor Casey Bortnick.



"Friendship, friends," Cerza said.

Whether you make them yourself or buy them from your favorite spot, Cerza says just have fun and enjoy the time being with family and friends.

"It's a lot of fun because you feel like you're getting exercise. You're chomping on the chicken wing, you're splitting the flat, you're eating them any way you can, you're fighting for that last one," he said.

Speaking of the last one, what about the debate about who made the first one? Cerza says you must first ask yourself one thing. 

"What is a chicken wing and what is a Buffalo wing," he asked.

Cerza says no doubt; John Young created the first notable chicken here in Buffalo with his finger licking mambo sauce.

"Well that's a chicken wing, a buffalo wing without a doubt, and there's no controversy here was the Anchor Bar," Cerza smiled.

He says the difference is the shape, the sauce, and deep fried versus breaded. Cerza says what Young did have first though, was a mobile kitchen. 

"He had a food truck that he took to Chicago Street in the 1970s before food trucks were even food trucks," Cerza said.

When it comes to "Osmosis Jones," the very movie that sparked the creation of the wing festival, Cerza had this to say. 

"And here we are 19 years later not having one, so hopefully Bill Murray isn't coming," Cerza said. "Bill we aren't having one, you can come next year."

Head over to Chickenwingusa.com to start getting ready for your own party, and maybe Bill Murray, too.

"Like every year, the event is benefitting local food banks, and since it's a nationwide event, it's helping 50 food banks across the U.S. So eat up, the calories don't count," Cerza laughed.