Western New York is known for its beautiful trees, but if those trees aren't maintained properly, they can become damaged, which is why it's critical to inspect them from trunk to leaves. 

"Trees provide so much value to us as humans, so it's important that people care for them because they have so many qualities that enhance our lives," says ISA Certified Arborist Tom Anderson.

According to Anderson, winters in Western New York have been changing with increased wind. 

"It's common for us to have windstorms with 70 miles per hour winds, so the most important thing from an arborist standpoint is the safety of our trees and our landscapes," he says. 

Homeowners are advised to check their soil to make sure that nothing is heaving, inspect trunks for cracks and note any dead or hanging branches. 

"Trees are unpredictable, so if you have a tree concern, it's important to have a certified arborist come out and inspect the property to make sure that you have safe trees, so that you can enjoy your landscape for the summer months," he explains. 

Something else to look for is the Gypsy Moth population. 

These little creatures may look harmless, but they're basically caterpillars that can devastate entire forests. A heavy infestation will defoliate your trees. 

Gypsy Moths are easy to find with blue and red spots on their backs.  

After the caterpillar life cycle, which lasts from about May through July, these insects turn into moths. They are most dangerous to trees as caterpillars. 

"One single caterpillar throughout its developmental stage can eat ten square feet of foliage in one season. So if you have thousands of caterpillars in your landscape, you can imagine what it can do," Anderson adds.

Another insect to keep an eye out for is the Emerald ash borer, which is said to be killing ash trees like wildfire. 

"The insects are actually very pretty. They have emerald green shiny backs. They're easy to identify," Anderson said.

If you detect damage or dangerous insects, you're encouraged to contact certified arborists.