Lucky Charms, Coco Puffs, Cheerios, all of those breakfast favorites will be available soon, any time of day, any day of the week, even in the form of candles and candy bars.

That’s the concept behind the Cereal Spot, a new themed café that will open on Hertel Avenue by the end of the month.

With General Mills a short distance away backyard, what better place to celebrate just that.

From the cereal box tables, to the mural with beloved cereal characters not a spoonful of detail is being spared.

On tap will be 20 cereals, but patrons will also be able to make a cereal sundae, a taco, baked goods, then there are cereal bars and candy bars.

Hertel Avenue is known for its bar scene and restaurants, so the co-owners said they just wanted create a place for everyone of all ages  to feel like a kid again.  

“We want the nostalgia  to be at extreme heights,” said co-owner Eric Dacey. “When you walk in here, we want just to drop your jaw, we want you to feel like you’re in a cartoon. Like the main feeling, I feel, is like you’re sitting at home in front of your TV on a Saturday or Sunday morning eating a bowl of cereal just having one of the best days.”

Once open, customers will be able to eat spoonful after spoonful seven days a week.

National Cereal Day might be Saturday, but at the Cereal Spot, it’ll be celebrated any day of the year.