Les Misérables is known as one of the most popular musicals in the world. The show transforms the audience to 19th century France, with a story of passion, sacrifice, and shattered dreams; however, for those putting on the masterpiece, dreams are coming true.

"It's a joy, it's a privilege, it's an honor... You're in a very special club when you're in Les Misérables," said Jack McLeod, Les Misérables United States Tour production stage manager.

The newest version of the musical is playing at Shea's Buffalo Theatre from December 10-15. The entire production has been touring across the United States, with Buffalo being the 83rd stop.

"It's the exact same show that's been running on Broadway and is running around the world," said McLeod.

Last week, the production was in Waterbury, Connecticut. On Sunday night, after the curtain came down, every cable, wire, wig, and piece of costume was loaded into eleven semi-trucks heading to Buffalo.

"It will take up two days to unpack, make all the wigs fluffy again, make sure the costumes are all ironed, plug in every cable, every mic, rebuild our set, and be ready for an on-time start on Tuesday night in Buffalo," said McLeod.

There are 82 people in what is called "Les Misérables family" who travel from city to city. This includes the orchestra, cast, crew, and management. Upon arriving in Buffalo, this company added an extra 100 people to help with the show.