A master plan to revitalize Silo City was presented by developers Monday during a Buffalo Planning Board meeting Monday.

At that meeting, the Silo City project was tabled pending the submission of a traffic report to the Department of Public Works.

Board Chair James Morell says the DPW wants to learn about anticipated traffic patterns to and from the site before project approval.

Morell also says he is confident permits for the project will be approved in the near future. 

Generation Development Group released renderings Monday of what the commercial/residential project could look like if approved by the Planning Board.

The master plan includes restoring the former American Malting Company Malthouse to include 162 units.

Forty-thousand square feet of ground floor commercial space would also be created. 

The work includes 190 lots for parking, improving access to the waterfront, and brownfield remediation falling with-in state guidelines.

Developers say they want to honor the historical value of the site that is nearly 100 years old. 

“We’re actually concerned about maintaining the historic architecture of these buildings and have been working with the state historic preservation office very closely on both the interior designs of the building to make sure we respect that historic heritage," said Generation Managing Principal Marvin Wilmoth.

The project altogether will cost $70 million.

Developers say they already have the interest of some investors.

Once approved by the Planning Board, work could begin as early as June 2020 and conclude by April 2022.