The U.S. Transportation Department recently denied the City of Buffalo’s application for a $25 million grant.

It's money that would have continued to fund the city's "Cars Share Main Street" program.

The initial announcement about the funding was made back in July.

Rep. Brian Higgins says an alternate infrastructure bill before Congress could bring additional funding to the Queen City.

"That could qualify for use for the Cars Share Main Street program. So, there are many other opportunities," said Higgins, (D) 26th Congressional District.

City leaders say they had received two previous federal grants totaling more than $30 million.

"We were very pleased. So we'll continue to apply. We'll continue to work to bring more money in to open all of Main Street to vehicular traffic in downtown Buffalo. It's been a very successful project," said Byron Brown, (D) Buffalo mayor.

Money was awarded to 55 other street improvement projects across 35 states.

No other areas in New York state received funding either.