Mayor Byron Brown says he has not been given any information on the raid that took place at Buffalo City Hall on Wednesday.

“I wasn’t told anything by federal investigators. Found out that there were search warrants executed in an office of the Buffalo Urban Renewal Agency, and wasn’t given any other information about the nature of the investigation,” Brown (D) said on Thursday.

Federal agents including representatives of the FBI, Department of Housing and Urban Development and IRS, left City Hall after removing what appeared to be evidence from offices there. Agents were there from roughly 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

It was quiet for most of Wednesday, but around 3:30 p.m. agents quickly tried to exit the building with large carts covered by blue tarps.

Spectrum News saw boxes fall off one of the overpacked carts, as well as several bags and a suitcase.

Brown said he has not been told what materials those carts held.

“No idea whatsoever. Haven’t been given that information, haven’t sought that information,” he said.

A source who was interviewed told Spectrum News that investigators were speaking with current and former city employees and looking into allegations of “misappropriation of funds.”

Council members were there for regular meetings in the morning and say they were briefed by the mayor’s office that there was activity on the third floor but otherwise knew very little.

Yvonne McCray, whose name was on the sign of the room where investigators spent the day, is the city’s director of housing.

The executive director for the Office of Strategic Planning is Brendan Mehaffy.

The FBI says the search warrant was only at City Hall and would not confirm if agents spoke with any employees elsewhere, including their homes.

A spokesperson says it would be commonplace to gather as much evidence as possible and just because someone is questioned does not mean he or she is a target.