Making Erie Community College a 21st century facility is what some students and educators say they are fighting for. 

"ECC is an asset like any other community asset; like our galleries, our Buffalo Bills, all of the other things that we take and make living here a wonderful place," said Andrew Sako, Erie Community College Faculty Federation president.

The community college's enrollment is said to be suffering — which is why Erie County officials are being asked to partner with New York state to reinvest in ECC. 

"Our current county executive has done a wonderful job of helping us, but the state needs to step up as well," Sako said. 

Students and educators are rallying along with Western New York area Labor Federation activists and leaders to ask for investment in ECC's infrastructure and modernization, upgrades to classrooms, and lower tuition.

"Our work environment is our students' learning environment and quite honestly, we need to improve that so we can improve what we do with our students every day," Sako said. 

According to the school, student tuition at community colleges in New York state should not exceed 33 percent of the cost of the college. SUNY Erie students currently pay 51 percent in tuition and fees.