A Western New York group is demanding the state’s Department of Transportation repeal its ban on concealed guns in rest stops. 

The group 2A Western New York says the regulation is a safety concern.

It claims with low security already at rest stops across the state, responsible gun owners should be allowed to protect themselves at a rest stop if provoked.

The group believes if the DOT doesn't pull back the ban, it will be forced to later.

There's a U.S. Supreme Court case coming up in December — the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association versus the City of New York — dealing with gun ownership rights under the Second Amendment.

"That's all part of New York state's civilian disarmament industrial complex, through which every law that they pass involving firearm regulation is so amorphous, it keeps citizens guessing,” said Steve Felano, an advocate with 2AWNY. “The whole point is to just simply disarm as many people as humanly possible."

A request for comment from the DOT was not immediately returned.