The oldest home in South Buffalo, 49 Buffum, is now being restored. 

"It's adjacent to a Native American cemetery where Red Jacket was buried. We're looking to plan out a historical corridor in that community, but for South Buffalo, it's an important part of our history," explained Michael Kearns, Erie County clerk. 

He has brought in Erie Community College to give students real-world experience.

"You see a lot of history in buildings. You can almost tell how the people lived in it before when you really go through and look at the bones of a building," said student Matthew Mosher. 

The work has been going on for about six years, with the goal of giving these students the experience they need to build their futures.

"We can use it as a classroom and have students learn some of the techniques they'll need out in the real world," stated Andrew Sako, Building Management Professor Department chair. 

Sako says this work has been made possible through various fundraisers, as well as money from the state, city, individuals, and agencies.   

"People are excited about the fact that something is happening with the property and that somebody's taking an interest in their community," Sako said. 

This project is expected to be finished around summer 2020. The plan is to have part of it used as a center for the public.