Skip the passport and the expensive trip to Paris and learn to cook delicate French pastries right here in the Queen City.

Pastry By Camille on Hertel Avenue is offering a variety of classes that will teach students how to make French culinary staples. 

From baguettes to macarons, croissants and even French onion soup, the Master Classes teach just enough to impress friends, family and colleagues.

Offered on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, the classes have everything needed to become a French baker or chef.

Everyone receives an apron, a notebook and a pen to take notes and write down recipes.

Each station is equipped with a Kitchen Aid mixer and a scale, in addition to the proper measurements of the ingredients the recipes call for.

Chef and owner of Pastry by Camille, Camille Le Caër has been involved in the culinary world since he was 15 years old.

He’s happy to teach what he’s learned growing up in France, as well as sharing what he learned during his time working in New York City.

“The connection between the community and myself, I always want to get a little bit of my work into their life and see not just from a point of view of learning but stepping into my kitchen,” said Le Caër.

Interested? Students can sign up for the classes on the bakery’s website