It’s the hottest class in town — literally.

At a sweltering 95 degrees, Hot Pilates is the latest fitness craze taking over Western New York.

But there’s only one place in the area to offer this class: Kula Yoga Studio in Hamburg.

The owners at the studio, Gina and Bill Barrett, just celebrated seven years in business and they started this new class as a way to shake things up.

"We are the only studio to do it,” Bill Barrett said. “Toronto is the closest and the reason we do it is because we are trying to cross-train a little bit and people are looking for something fun and light. People don't want to commit to 90 minutes of working out, but 60 is a little easier. What we are really trying to do is let people have fun while working out.”

Hot Pilates is different than hot yoga. It’s a short, high-intensity workout that burns a lot of calories in a small amount of time.

It’s meant to complimentary their yoga classes, which are lower intensity and are more therapeutic.

People can sign up on their website or pop in a half-hour before class.