The high temperature in Buffalo could top 90 over the next two days, which means the city's ordinance that restricts time outside for tethered dogs is in effect.  

“The restriction is for an hour or more, but sometimes that might even be too long. So, this is something people just need to practice common sense,” said Buffalo Common Council Member Joel Feroleto.

The extreme weather ordinance was adopted by the Common Council in December, and violators will be fined $250 for the first offense.

It was crafted with the assistance of the SPCA Serving Erie County.

The SPCA says 300 dogs were left outside in extreme weather last year — 70 percent of them in Buffalo.

Communications Director Gina Browning says to also be careful when you're leaving your pet in a car, because they can get heat stroke within 5 minutes — even if the windows are down and you're parked in the shade.

"So, if it's a quick stop, don't even do it. Leave the animal home where the animal is safe and happy," Browning said.

Browning says also to limit their time on roads and sidewalks so they don't burn their paws.

"When you do have your pets out for walks, keep them short, and watch where you're walking. Watch for insecticides. Look for signs that talk about toxins on a lawn," Browning said.

And to protect pets from the high temps, the City of Tonawanda recently passed a law banning dogs from area events and festivals including Canal Fest, which runs until Sunday.