Squeaky Wheel's Saturday Cafe is a new program and exhibit showcasing some of Buffalo's youngest and brightest. 

According to instructors, the exhibit Ruin'd is a window into what youth are taking from current events and how they would like to be involved in social change. 

"We came up with this idea about systems that have failed them," said Tech director, Mark Longolucco. 

One student, Zaire Goodman completed a project on active shooter drills in schools. 

"Most of his research pointed to the fact that they aren't working," added Longolucco. "That's actually traumatizing to the students that have to go through these drills and how it affects the students." 

Other students focused on genocide in Darfur, and solitary confinement within the prison system. 

​"At their age they're not necessarily listened to about some of these topics but it gives them an avenue to 1) think about things that are happening and 2) actually respond to that in a way that is creative." 

Squeaky Wheel instructors say they are looking beyond just providing an outlet for its students and youth. 

"Creativity is what makes our economy grow," said Longolucco.  "We really have the potential to become a great city for making media art, like Atlanta and Toronto. What we really need for now is a highly trained work force."