It's the Buffalo Marathon weekend and while Sunday is the big race, runners lined up on Saturday as well for a number of other events to get them ready.

  • 5,200 runners expected to race in half and full marathons
  • Saturday prepped people for the big race on Sunday with many events
  • Road closures are in effect until Sunday afternoon.

A 5k in memory John Beishline, the long-time race director of the Buffalo Marathon, kicked off the day's events. It was followed by a kids mini-marathon and a diaper dash.

Some ran the 5k as a warm up for Sunday.

"Warm up,” said runner Cameron Moore. “My family is here, so it's family time and they will do half tomorrow and I will do the full.”

"I ran the full the last few years and tomorrow I'm doing half so I’m just getting a nice quick run today,” said runner John Wayda.

While others joined in just so they could be a part of the weekend or run a personal record. 

“I just got my new best time,” said 9-year-old runner Owner Hall. “Around 27:30. It was my seventh 5k ever. It's just really fun."

However, this weekend is about a lot more than just running. Thirty-five charities support the marathon and in return, executive director Greg Weber says they donate $75,000 back to them.

"I've been an endurance athlete for a long time,” said Weber. “It's a great community of athletes and we love it and the city is on the rise and we are going right along with it."

Road closures are already in effect. While this may slow down traffic just a bit, Weber says with all the good this weekend does, he hopes drivers slow down.

"So I just ask for patience and a little tolerance,” said Weber. “We only do it once a year. The road closures are the same as in the past and on our website is the easiest way to look at it."