Kids who are blind face a variety of challenges, including finding ways to get involved with their community.

That's why the Queen City Junior Roller Girls strapped on their skates to teach the visually impaired how to skate at Buffalo RiverWorks.

Both the teachers and kids said they enjoy the benefits of the event.

"You have to be a courageous young person to play this,” said Aimee Casciado with the Roller Girls. “We feel like visually impaired friends are courageous every day, and we want to learn from them about the courage and dedication to persevere in all situations."

"It means I can do lots of stuff that I wouldn't normally do," said Ronan Christian, who is visually impaired.

"Like everybody else," said Kristin Planz-Christian, Ronan’s mom.

"Like everybody else, yeah."

Queen City Junior Roller Girls partnered with the Olmsted Center For Sight for the event.