Nearly 2,000 people biked their way through Buffalo on Sunday for the sixth annual SkyRide.

It's a rare opportunity to bike the Skyway, Scajaquada Expressway and Kensington Expressway. Some could go the 18-mile loop and tour much of the city, while others could do a 10-mile loop and ride just the Skyway.


Organizers say it’s a great way to appreciate the city.

"The goal is to get people out and experience our legacy infrastructure in a way they never have,” said Justin Booth, executive director of Go Bike Buffalo. “What other opportunity do you get annually to ride your bike along the skyway, the 33 and the 198? We hope to just continue that conversation about what the future of our city is going to bring."


Booth says the event also promotes biking as an alternative transportation option and promote a healthier lifestyle.

"We see city after city investing in safer streets, better biking infrastructure and we are seeing people come out in droves to ride their bike more often,” said Booth. “So the more we can do to encourage more people to walk, bike and use public transit, the safer our streets are going to be and the more people will be out using them on a regular basis."

"With a more and more congested city, we need to open ourselves up to different forms of transportation and there are undeniable health benefits,” said New York Assemblyman Sean Ryan. “The more you get out, the more your heart starts working, disease goes down, public health costs go down and general happiness goes up.”

GO Bike Buffalo has many other cycling events happening this summer. For more information, visit their website.