It’s hard to believe based on the gloomy, cool weather, but summer camp season is just around the corner.

Registration is now open for summer camp at Penn Dixie Fossil Park and Reserve.

  • Registration now open for Penn Dixie Fossil Park and Reserve summer camp sessions
  • Campers must sign up at least two weeks before their preferred session
  • Registration can be completed online

With so many options, parents and would-be campers alike might have a hard time picking a program.

But here’s one that’s a little different: The Penn Dixie Fossil Park and Nature Reserve in Blasdell.

There, paleontologists-in-training can unearth fossils nearly 400 million years old.

Kids have a chance to get their hands dirty, get outside and learn all about science and history at the same time.

Holly Schreiber, director of education at the dig site, said there are so many benefits to sending kids to summer camp, especially one that exposes them to a potential career field.

"As we move towards the future, science and technology are going to be where the jobs are and for children to get into that early and understand the different options that are out there for them will help them understand the possibilities in the future for them," Schreiber said. 

Registration can be completed online, and campers need to be enrolled no more than two weeks before the program of their choice starts.

The first camp session kicks off July 14.