After a long winter in Western New York, yards, parks and neighborhoods can use some much needed tender love and care. That's why volunteers stepped out on Saturday to clean up from Hertel Avenue to the Central Terminal.

Volunteers say the outdoor work is just a simple step to help the neighborhood thrive.

"It gives people a sense of wanting to come down to Hertel Avenue, or any other location in Buffalo. Just think we try and attract people from all over and if you have a good representation by it looking nice I feel people take that away with them so those small changes can make a big difference in the overall impact of the community," said Suzanne Laba, a board member of the Hertel Business Association.

For the past 21 years, volunteers have participated in the annual spring clean up at the Central Terminal, in hopes to keep the building standing, and they've done just that.

"When we first got in here the grounds, the grass was four feet high with 30 piles of truck-load debris. The concourse had six inches of dirt, I forgot that it even had a pattern to it," said Mark Lewandowski of the Central Terminal Restoration Corporation.

"Now it's open, we have events, we do almost 30 events from May to September. Obviously we don't have heat in the building yet so that's our timeline... but if it wasn't for the volunteers this building would not be open, might not even be here," he continued.

Community members say if you aren't able to make the organized clean up in your area, lending a hand anytime of the year is just as good.

"Pick it up. We have trash bins that were installed up and down Hertel," said Laba. "Pick it up, put it in the trash it doesn't take long."