Getting around Buffalo on two wheels isn't Marc Moscato's main mode of transportation. But when he wants to take a closer look at what the city has to offer, his bike is his favorite way to get around.  

"To be quite honest, I never really liked history,” Moscato said. “I thought it was really boring and thought, 'why do I need to memorize all these facts that have no relation to me?’"

  • Buffalo native returned to find a new city, now he shares the sights, sounds and tastes via two-wheels
  • Buffalo Bike Tours season kicks off May 2
  • Tours depart from Hostel Buffalo-Niagara at 667 Main St. at 10:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

It took Moscato leaving the area for 15 years before moving back to realize history, especially the Queen City’s, really is his thing.

"There's a lot of stuff in our history books that we don't learn that are really inspiring," Moscato said.

Moscato wanted to make sure others — locals and visitors alike — get inspired, too. He created Buffalo Bike Tours to help others see the city the way he does.

This season, thanks to the help of Go Bike Buffalo, he has a fleet of bikes.

"Our original tour is the B Sides tour, it's Buffalo's best and unsung history and political issues,” he explained.

Moscato wanted to show off more of the City of Good Neighbors, so over the winter he mapped out three other routes. There's the A Sides Tour that shows the best of Buffalo by bike.

"Someone who doesn't know anything about Buffalo can come in and learn about its history," Moscato said.

Stops on that tour include the McKinley Shooting Rock and a trip through Delaware Park to learn the story behind its creation. Riders also will pedal over to Hotel Henry and the Delaware Avenue home of William “Fingy” Conners, a reputed mob boss in the late 1800s.

Moscato also leads two food-centric tours.

 “One is called the Wing Tour. You might be familiar with Visit Buffalo Niagara's food trail. We follow some of that, but also take you to some places you might not know about," he said.

The other mouthwatering two-wheeled adventure shows off a different side to Buffalo's culinary history.

“East Meets West Ride, which is looking at the history of immigration, the City of Good Neighbors, the City of Immigrants and the culinary traditions,” he said. “We connect the Broadway Market all the way to the Westside Bazaar."

Tours are between 8 to 10 miles over a 2.5 hour period. Moscato says don't worry, being an avid cyclist isn’t a prerequisite.

"We make a little joke that we don't allow full body spandex," he laughed.

What's no joke is the passion Moscato has for his city and his desire to share with anyone who is willing to listen.

"We started this thing with a passion for two things: Buffalo and biking," Moscato said.