A big part of the traditional Buffalonian feast for Easter includes the butter lamb. Though many use the spread, few know why it sits on the table each year.

Hours before the holiday, crowds filled the Broadway Market to get their holiday favorites. It's a popular destination for Easter shopping for generations. 

The lamb shaped butter spread dates back to the year 1200.

"A religious symbol the lamb of god in the eucharist," said Adam Cichocki, Camellia Meats manager. 

The red ribbon represents the blood of Christ and the red flag represents peace on earth. It originated in Poland before it made its way the U.S.

"The amount of Polish people that immigrated to this area really played apart in that," Cichocki added.

He says his shop sells out the delicacy every year.

Kayla Grazen is getting a taste of the Buffalo tradition this year with an ice cream lamb. It's a new popular item available from Lake Effect Artisan Ice Cream.

Whether it's made of ice cream or butter, the lambs go beyond just food on the table.

"Traditions are very important to all of us," said Kathleen Peterson, Broadway Market manager. "With whatever type of family, wherever we come from, its important to pass those on to our children and continue them."