Good Shepherd Temple Church in Buffalo was in need of some good news.

  • Buffalo woman pretended to be a grant writer, scammed organizations
  • Roofing company offers to finish work for church despite lack of funds
  • Work is expected to be completed in time for Easter

"A roof that is not leaking — praise the Lord," said Janice Fisher, co-pastor of the Good Shepherd Temple Church.

In 2017, the church needed renovations to their more than 100-year-old building: specifically a new roof. 

Fisher said they were approached by someone claiming to be a grant writer, who said she secured half-a-million dollars for repairs and hired contractors for the job. 

However, that grant writer, Christina Gordon of Buffalo, turned out to be a fraud.

Gordon, who scammed not only the Good Shepherd Temple Church, but more than 30 other organizations is serving seven and a half to 15 years in prison.

"The contractors found out that they too were scammed, that there was no money and were working on purchase orders," she said. 

And with that, the work stopped. 

"We were left with gaping holes, water was leaking all over the place because we needed a new roof," said Fisher. 

The church didn’t have the $500,000 needed to repair their roof. 

Then in Fall 2018, Buffalo Roofing — the original contractors — told the church despite the lack of funds, they would finish what they started. 

"God touched his heart," she emoted. 

Workers started in the fall, took a break during the winter months, and now, with the sun shining, they are back at it.

"You see them up on the roof — it’s like they're whistling while they work," said Fisher.  "It’s a joy to see the angels of the Lord in activation, that's what it is and they look like to me, angels of the Lord!"

Buffalo Roofing plans to have the roof completed just in time for Easter. 

“It's a good day to say thank you to Buffalo Roofing and give god the glory," she said. 

A good week of new beginnings for the “Good” church on Goodyear Street. 

Spectrum News spoke with Todd Cameron, the CEO of Buffalo Roofing. He didn't want to go on camera; saying this story isn't about him, but helping this church.

As for the Fishers, they say they forgive Gordon, adding: forgiveness is powerful. And when you’re able to forgive someone who has done wrong to you; you have the victory.